Schools of Smith

Bernice Millar Harris


Bernice Millar Harris was a true daughter of Smith. As a girl from the depression, her family of seven moved frequently through Smith Township giving Bernice a firsthand view of many of the schools she mentioned during this talk. As she grew up, she bicycled with her younger sister from the Centre line of Smith all the way to Lakefield to continue her education. In the winter they roomed in Lakefield until spring broke. She was always proud of the fact the School Superintendent of the time, My Downey declared that her marks were so high that she didn’t have to write her Entrance Exam.

Later in life she went back to school as an Library Assistant at Adam Scott High School as was beloved by her students for over twenty-five years.

Bernice was one of the Founding Members of the Smith Township Historical Society and continued as a member of Executive to the end. During that time, she received many awards for her dedication and by the City of Peterborough in Publications as a Member of the Walk of Honour at Crary Park and the highest recognition by the Council of SEL Township. She always offered help to all without return and we dedicate this series to her.


W John Harris


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