Our History

Smith-Ennismore Historical Society was formed in 1983, comprised of the members of the Smith Township Historical Committee who had worked with the authors, Clifford and Elaine Theberge, to gather information and publish the book, "At the Edge of the Shield". In 1985, incorporation was registered with the Ministry of Consumer and Commercial Relations as "Smith Township History and Archival Committee". The official seal (logo) was designed and adopted by the Society in 1985.

The mandate of the Society is:

  1. To collect, preserve and exhibit materials for the study of history, especially the history of the township of Smith-Ennismore.
  2. To locate and preserve historical sites in the township.
  3. To provide historical and archival information to the public.
  4. To provide information of historical interest to members on a regular basis.
  5. To provide access, to persons of all ages, to historical and genealogical information pertaining to our heritage.
  6. To publish books and booklets on the history of the area.
  7. To assist Smith-Ennismore families, and those connected with these families, with research in genealogy and provide information to inquiries from people who have roots in the township.
  8. To assist students from the schools with research in local history at our Heritage Learning Resource Centre.
  9. To provide day trips, by bus and boat, to historical attractions in Central Ontario to our members and their friends.