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Chemong Park Story

Helen Rutherford Willcox

Soft cover, 72 pages incl. index; 1986

This is a comprehensive story of the Park and its inhabitants from the early 1880's to the present. Chemong Park was one of the first planned recreational subdivisions in Ontario. The park started as a plan by Alex Elliott in the 1880's to develop a recreational area for Peterborough businessmen. It succeeded so well that it attracted travelers from Europe and the USA.

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History of the Post: Smith Township

Robert Bowley

Soft cover, 90 pages, incl. index; 1990

This book outlines the postal history of Smith Township from the first Post Office in Bridgenorth in 1854 to 1989. The book covers the general background of postal services in each of the eight communities involved and finally, the system of rural routes in Smith Township.

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Kawartha Park By Path and By Paddle

Doris Huffman

Soft cover, 103 pages incl. index; 1987

Kawartha Park is located on a mile of shoreline, partly on Clear and Stony Lakes in the Trent Severn Waterway. Started by Lakefield and Peterborough families in the late 1800s, they soon were joined by people from Toronto and United States. This is a story of the steamboats, regattas, church services and Cottagers Association of Kawartha Park.

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Bridgenorth The Centre of the Universe

Helen Rutherford Willcox

Laminated Hardcover, 310 pages incl. index; 1998

This is a history of Bridgenorth from 1818 to the present. Bridgenorth is small hamlet on the banks of Chemong Lake. Early history includes lumber mills, excursions, railway, and its connection to early pioneers. This book is a kind of family album as well as a history, which centres on the people who lived and now live in Bridgenorth. Inclusion of family trees of interest to genealogists.

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Historical Map of Smith Township

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Selected Poems of William Telford

Publications Committee of the Smith Township Historical


Soft cover, 95 pages incl. index; 1987

William Telford was an early Scottish immigrant born January 6, 1828, in the village of Leitholm, Parish of Eccles, Berwickshire, Scotland. His first efforts in poetry were written in his native Scottish dialect (commonly known as Doric) and were on the subjects of scenes and incidents from his native village. The majority of his writing relates to Canada. William immigrated to Canada, arriving on June 15, 1850. He settled first in Peterborough, where his brother resided. He then moved to Smith Township to farm on what was known as the Communication Road, now Chemong Road. In 1852, William married Hannah, daughter of Isaac and Elizabeth Nicholson, of Smith Township. William toiled as a farmer and as a stone mason. In his spare time he wrote poetry and was eventually declared "The Bard of the St. Andrews Society of Peterborough", holding that position for 33 years from the the Society's inception until his death.

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Adam Scott Master Millwright 1796-1838

Robert Scott Dunford

Laminated Hardcover, 268 pages incl. index; 2003

This book outlines the history of Adam Scott who arrived from Scotland in 1812 to settle in New York State. Refusing to swear allegiance to United States in 1817, he left to begin a career as a millwright in Upper Canada. He built mills in Cobourg, Scott's Mills (Peterborough) and Cavan.The book also details the arrival of the Irish immigrants in 1825, their difficulties and Peterborough's early history. Endnotes provide additional information on the process early pioneer life,land granting, and importance of sawmills and gristmills in the development of the community. Numerous photos and maps add interest to the book.

Price: $45.00